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Modified from sustech-cra/overleaf-ldap-oauth2, more details are shown in this Chinese blog post.

Image Availabilty

This repository provides an OCI image for Overleaf bundled with ldap-overleaf-sl to support LDAP authentication. One can use Docker in order to build the image, as follows.

docker build -t docker-overleaf-ldap .

Environment variables

Two environment variables are used at runtime to configure the bind user:

  • LDAP_BIND_USER: Bind-DN, i.e., DN of the bind user.
  • LDAP_BIND_PW: Password of the bind user.

Build arguments

The following arguments can be passed via --build-args.

Argument Default Description
BASE Can be set to any Overleaf image tag. See here for a list of tags.
LDAP_PLUGIN_URL URL to download ldap-overleaf-sl from.

GitLab CI

The environment file is used to specify some environment variables for the GitLab CI:

  • BASE: Gets passed to the BASE build argument.
  • LDAP_PLUGIN_URL: Gets passed to the LDAP_PLUGIN_URL build argument.
  • IMAGE_TAG: Is used as image tag, but only in the build for the branch main.

Custom SSO Login Text

Modify the file overleaf-ldap-oauth2/ldap-overleaf-sl/sharelatex/login.pug at line 49, current one is "Log in via EPTI SSO"